Mars Group is one of the pioneers in providing a total solid waste management and waste to Energy facilities to Municipal Councils and Corporations. Mars Group has the potential to take over substantial work of the health department of Municipal Councils.

During its stage of inception, Mars Group studied the characteristics of waste generated in India. With special focus toward the developing urban area of India they have studied various kind of waste generation from different socio-economical classes of the society in urban India. They carried out physical and chemical analysis of incoming waste to three different dumping yards. These results became base for upcoming waste to energy plant. Read More …

Our Vision

We feel that Management Handling And Proper Disposal of Municipal Solid Waste is a very important aspect of urban life since it effects the health of Urban Community, Environment and overall Aesthetic View of the City. Improper management of MSW leads to health hazards as open dumps act as breeding place for rodents, flies and other disease vectors. Studies in the Country and else where has established that 22 human diseases are related to improper management of solid waste. Open dumps release huge quantities of methane gas into the environment and it is established that it has 21 times more potency to create Green House effect than carbon-di oxide.

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