Noida RWA federation demands waste management disposal

NewCollectionNOIDA: The Federation of Noida Residents Welfare Association (FONRWA) has written to Rama Raman, CEO Noida Authority on the need for solid waste management disposal in the city. Currently, many sectors across the city suffer from adequate measures in keeping the city clean.

“From the absence of adequate sanitation staff to proper waste management disposal measures – many issues have plagued the system so far,” said a resident of sector 20.

According to A N Dhawan, secretary general FONRWA one of the most essential step in managing waste includes disposal and treatment of solid waste management. But that has not been enforced in the city so far.

Dhawan further asserts that planned and adequate arrangements for lifting of garbage and other waste material from individual houses and residential sectors on a daily basis, do not exist. “The result is that the city is littered with garbage and waste material, including bio-medical waste causing serious health hazard for Noida residents,” said Dhawan.

According to Dhawan these dumps of garbage have become breeding grounds for stray dogs, cattle, flies and mosquitos leading to unhygienic living conditions.

Sector 50’s Omaxe twin towers – Mahagun Maple and Meghdootam – have been fighting a lone battle against garbage dumped across their sector road for over a month now with no results. “We’ve written to Authority CEO Rama Raman, MP Mahesh Sharma, MLA Vimla Batham and more but no results have come so far as garbage continues to be dumped here,” said Shashank Jain RWA member and resident of Mahagun Maestro.

FONRWA has therefore demanded that CEO Raman take up the matter and demand an enquiry as to why no action has been taken on the continued complaints of lack of garbage disposal in the city.

According to N P Singh, president FONRWA Noida is restrictive to the Swachh Bharat drive given the current civic conditions of the city. “We as residents of the city, have a right to ensure why civic health of the city is being neglected. It is imperative and essential that necessary steps in regard to disposal and treatment of solid waste management are taken up on priority basis, therefore we have requested CEO Raman to look into the matter,” said Singh.


-The Times of India